Holistic Security

Bringing our hacking mindset, we become your trusted advisor to identify the most pressing security issues and strategize to implement efficient counter-measures. Our goal is to achieve real improvement in your security.

Purple Teaming

In parallel with a red teaming assessment, we work together with your monitoring team to test and improve their detection and response capabilities.

Holistic Security Assessment
Through technical tests and interviews with team members in different parts of your organization, we analyze your overall security posture across multiple dimensions. As a result, we can give you an idea of how your company measures up regarding best practises and coach you on the next steps towards most effectively improving your oganization's security.

Security Strategy Implementation
If you need help implementing your security strategy, or want us to simply go the next step after the Holistic Security Assessment, we can try implementing the necessary changes.

Security Team as a Service
We help to continuously secure your startup - from adding some temporary resources to fully taking care and building up the in-house security team once it's time.

Offensive Security

We have extensive experience in thinking like the bad guys and breaking into online services, company networks, IoT devices and more.

Penetration Testing
- Web Applications (Websites, Web Apps, APIs)
- Mobile (iOS / Android)
- Native Applications (incl. Fuzzing)
- Infrastructure (Network, Cloud)
with Source Code/Documentation or fully black box.

Red Teaming
We simulate a hacking attack using the same methods and strategies that real attackers use to compromise your most valuable assets. This might include phishing campaigns, breaking into web applications or, with your permission, even into your office building.

Device Testing
We hack into devices by exploiting any attack surface they provide, including debug ports, external storage, web interfaces, WiFi or the QR code reader.

Defensive Security

We have worked in product development and internal security teams and know the daily struggles.
We try to understand your unique challenges and provide effective solutions that won't interfere with your business.

Design Review
We review your software design and architecture to guide the implementation and prevent weaknesses before they become expensive to fix.

Security Automation
Automation of security processes is key to a robust and secure IT infrastructure. We can help you setup your scanning and analysis pipelines and tweak your tools to only report relevant results.

Issue Mitigation Support
We or somebody else discovered a vulnerability in your network or product? We can help with handling security reports and fixing issues.

Feature Implementation
Want to implement 2FA or some advanced crypto into your app? We can also help with feature development!

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