Positive Security is a Berlin-based IT security consultancy and research collective
OuR Values

Our experience and expertise allow us to deliver results in record time

Our solutions are informed by and honor current best practices

Our work goes the extra mile to ensure tangible improvement with the big picture in mind

Our approach embraces your innovative ideas and finds ways to realize them securely

Our passion for novel challenges drives us to push the state of the art


Fabian Bräunlein


Fabian studied IT Systems Engineering at Hasso Plattner Institute, afterwards joining SRLabs to contribute to IT security consulting projects, research and product development. Serving both startups and Fortune500 companies, Fabian has led projects ranging from penetration testing and red teaming to creating and implementing complete security roadmaps. His research includes hacks on payment terminals, travel booking systems and smart speakers, and was presented at top-tier security conferences and covered by international news. In the realm of product, Fabian was able to develop his side project, a vulnerability scanner, into SRLabs' first commercial SaaS product while building and leading a team of engineers to eventually take over.

Lukas Euler


Lukas  studied Computer Science at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. In his later Security Engineering roles with Scout24 and Episerver, Lukas focused on securing every stage of the software development lifecycle; his specialties include conducting thorough white-box reviews of complex applications, as well as designing and implementing secure and efficient software architecture. While being especially well-versed in web and cloud, Lukas has also worked on security research targeting more niche technologies like telecommunication protocols. In addition to that, he has conducted red teaming exercises and a variety of other consulting projects during his time at SRLabs.

Luca Melette


Luca acquired a master degree in Computer engineering at the University of Pisa, specializing in telecommunication networks. After developing software radio solutions at Wiser, Luca joined SRLabs and boosted the security of mobile networks and large enterprises worldwide for more than a decade. As a consultant, he supported building and reviewing on-prem and cloud infrastructures for large enterprises, assessed and improved their monitoring capabilities, and finally trained security teams and assisted defining their roadmap. Luca helped mobile operators in multiple continents to secure their radio and interconnect perimeter, and to assess vulnerabilities in core nodes and customer devices. As a researcher, he identified major vulnerabilities in telco systems from 2G to 5G and presented them at major conferences. His most relevant findings include local and remote communication intercept, user impersonation (spoofing and fraud) and remote location tracking.

Maximilian Kirchmeier


Maximilian finished his master's degree in Computer Science at TU Munich, afterwards joining Positive Security as Security Expert. Before his studies, he was working as Software Developer at German IT security company genua GmbH. Maximilian started his hacking career while still in school, writing exploits for the Metasploit framework by Rapid7. As part of TU Munich’s CTF team hxp, he is successfully participating in hacking competitions and has been invited to compete in person at on-site finals worldwide.

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